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TELESQUIB is a Media | entertainment company in Nigeria, borne out of sheer passion for quality entertainment, started off as a dream in the heart of a young mind, witty but shy, playful but focused, from a humble background built an empire from the ground up out of nothing to becoming an envy of the Nigeria movie.

TELESQUIB started as a sole proprietor and headed by her founder Nzube Chukwukezie , 15TH October, 2016 within 2 years of existence, we grew to an industry employing over 10 vibrant, skilled, , motivated and passionate staffs, full-time, and well over 23 crew on a part-time. Furthermore, TELESQUIB realised that so many talented individuals within her society had a flair for showbiz but, were at the mercy of greedy, vicious and low repute producers whom take advantage of these unsuspecting, untapped talent. So, that prompted TELESQUIB in establishing a program known as: TELESQUIB PAGEANTRY(FACE OF TELESQUIB), TELESQUIB CROWN MODELS(TCMODELS), TELESQUIB TALENT HUNT(TTH), ETC. as a way of discovering talents, training them, empowering and promoting them.

Our team are known to always put their eyes to the ground for rare talents wherever they may find themselves, bring back such a promising talent and our team of experts helps paint such talent with the necessary skills good enough to win award anywhere in the World.

Our core values are simply, breeding new generation of young talent for the fast and ever-growing industry, giving young and vibrant minds the opportunity to hit the big screen and bringing families together in one seat to watching not just another entertaining programme on TV, but, an inspiring, motivational, educational, family-friendly entertainment encapsulated by good morals. Currently Located at Awka Etiti, Idemili South Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria. Our office is always open and ready to embrace both established and fresh talents willing to grow, and the young and old. While the state-of-the-art production house is currently seated at University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, on a 2-hectares area of arid land turned fertile by our hands and watered by the sweats from our glands which never stops pouring for years and will keep doing so for decades to come.

Our presence online is much more felt than ever before especially with the launching of our official websites: www.telesquib.com, Our Music Website / Blog www.telesquibmusicplus.com, Our online Tv www.telesquibtv.com, and others with a vast number of subscribers ever increasing daily on our YouTube channel, TelesquibTvPlus, latest Sexy Romance Movies, Telesquib Comedy, Telesquib Music Plus, and others. We deemed it fit as a responsibility to you, our teaming audience to bringing new contents/releases weekly both online and on(CDs/DVDs) From starting off as an online movie marketing/distribution outfit to productions, you can be assured that TELESQUIB has walked the walk and talked the talk and we got you covered when it comes to 360 degree of seamless entertainment. And, TELESQUIB has proven without a doubt not just a force to reckon with in entertainment, but an undeniable one at that.

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